Political Contacts

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Arizona Federal

Senator Jeff Flake

Senator John McCain

Congressman Paul Gosar

State of Arizona

Governor Janice K. Brewer 

Senate District 5 Kelli Ward          R  Phone 602-926-4138  Fax  602-417-3165  E-mail  kward@azleg.gov
House District  5 Sonny Borelli      R  Phone 602-926-5051  Fax  602-417-3003  E-mail  sborelli@azleg.gov
House Distirct  5 Doris Goodale   R  Phone 602-926-5408  Fax  602-417-3103  E-mail  dgoodale@azleg.gov

Mohave County

Home Page

Board of Supervisors

Name                   Email                                                Phone             District

Gary Watson       gary.watson@mohavecounty.us        928-753-0722       1  

Hildy Angius         hildy.angius@mohavecounty.us        928-758-0713       2

Buster Johnson    buster.johnson@mohavecounty.us   928-453-0724       3

Joy Brotherton     joy.brotherton@mohavecounty.us     928-753-8618       4

Steven Moss        steve.moss@mohavecounty.us         928-758-0739       5